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This slutty blonde is known as Kelly Fuck'n Wells...because, well because she likes to fuck, but does that mean she likes to be fucked up? Chanta takes Kelly on a journey of self worth to see exactly how tough she is. Regardless of the punishment, orgasms or tickle torture Kelly must yell "I am a strong girl" or risk being pushed harder. To cum, or to be released? We don't even think Kelly Fuck'n Wells knows!

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Pussy exam

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A three part series shot on location in Kendra. She struggles to escape from the sleeve but all she can do now is squirm on the stool and bound with leather cuffs, and she struggles with all her holes. This time her hands are handcuffed behind her and she is left to drool and moan. Kendra settles the argument when she climbs up to the elite status of Angela wrestlers.

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She wriggles in these ropes! Samantha has those innocent eyes that are a good cover for a wild and sexual chick. Samantha is a voluptuous beauty with perfect ample tits and a super toned body. Eventually, Samantha and Marisol are tape-gagged and bound with her luscious butt in the air waiting for the inevitable penetration. Samantha puts mature slave girl Marisol through her paces in this erotic movie to see how she reacts to pain and humiliation.

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Kyla is such a dirty girl. Kyla plays the damsel in distress to the tee, and the Mikaela. She then took her scissors and cut poor beauty's lingerie off touching her tender skin with cold steel and making the girl moan and squirm of fear. Kyla is bound, gagged, hair tied up above, placed in a spreader bar to the ankles, her arms pulled tight behind her back she is kicking as hard as she could.

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Lavender Raine is going to have one very interesting day. Claire pulls her up into a full suspension and begins to have her fun. The best part is watching Lavender try to keep her lips wrapped around a cock while Claire busies herself on the other end.

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We hung DragonLily in a ball tie, fingered and made her cum!

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